Tabasco Unveils New Buffalo Style Sauce: A Game-Changer for Flavor Aficionados

Introducing a Tangy, Garlicky, and Savory Delight in an Innovative Squeezable Bottle

Innovation at the Heart

"Innovation is a priority for us at McIlhenny Company," Lee Susen, the chief sales and marketing officer at McIlhenny Company, which owns the Tabasco brand, shared with Food & Wine. "We keep consumer needs at the heart of our innovation process to deliver products that meet them where they are — and where we forecast they will be — with the foods and flavors they’re consuming."

Goodbye Glass, Hello Squeeze

The brand is swapping out its traditional glass for an easy-to-squeeze bottle so fans can drizzle the new sauce on classics like wings and pizza or whatever else they want to throw it on.

Crafted for Culinary Adventures

The new sauce, made with a blend of cayenne, oak-aged pepper mash, and red jalapeño, comes with a Scoville heat rating of SHU 1,200 – 1,800.

Perfect Pairings

As for what Susen thinks the sauce is perfect for, he believes it's an ideal pairing for wings, naturally, but also anything with cheese as the "vinegar both cuts through and compliments" almost any cheese variety.

"The new format is a direct response to consumer demand for easier and more controlled application of our thicker style sauces, similar to Tabasco Sriracha Sauce and Tabasco Sweet & Spicy Sauce."

The new sauce officially launches today and will be available at major retailers, including Amazon and Walmart. It's available in one size, 8.6 oz., and costs $3.56 (though this can vary by retailer).

Ready to Spice Up Your Meals? Grab Your Bottle Today !
Tabasco is giving us all one more way to spice up our day. On Thursday, the company announced its brand-new product, Tabasco Buffalo Style Sauce, which promises to bring a "tangy, garlicky, and savory" taste with just the right amount of heat.