A Heartwarming Ramadan Initiative by EVLovesNYC

Fostering Community and Sharing Traditions Through Food

Uniting for a Cause: EVLovesNYC and Refugees Collaborate on Iftar

EVLovesNYC warmly welcomes refugees to join in the preparation of a traditional iftar, the cherished meal consumed after sunset during Ramadan. This initiative sees Guinean asylum seekers taking a lead role in the kitchen, incorporating both familiar ingredients and special requests like garden eggs—an intriguing term for eggplants.

Building Bridges with Traditional West African Iftar

In partnership with these homesick yet hopeful newcomers, EVLovesNYC—a mutual aid food bank—has embarked on a mission to create a traditional West African iftar. This meal is meant to be shared at a local warming center and mosque, symbolizing unity and togetherness.

A Pivot in Operations to Support a Growing Need

Initially established during the COVID-19 pandemic, EVLovesNYC has evolved from planning to disband post-crisis to expanding its mission in response to the ongoing need for food assistance and the influx of asylum seekers into NYC. Now, besides supplying meals to partners, EVLovesNYC directly serves those in need, with a significant focus on asylum seekers from West Africa.

Embracing Ramadan with Open Hearts

As Ramadan approached on March 10, a dedicated group of young asylum seekers from Guinea, who are regular clients of EVLovesNYC, stepped forward to help craft a traditional West African iftar. Their goal is to offer a taste of home and community to fellow Muslims residing in shelters, in the spirit of the holy month.

"Through food and communal support, EVLovesNYC continues to bridge cultural divides and uplift marginalized communities, celebrating unity and generosity during Ramadan."
Join us in our mission to support and celebrate with our community. Your involvement can make a significant difference.
In this journey of compassion and community support, EVLovesNYC illustrates the powerful bond food can create among diverse groups, celebrating Ramadan with open hearts and shared traditions.